The obnoxious heart 😈

Obnoxious. All of the verbiage that I’ve read, constant testing, too many doctors appointments to count, constant change of medications, surgery, after surgery, after more surgery, without being completely healed from the prior surgery. All obnoxious.

Going through a diagnosis so severe can be life changing, not only physically but mentally. So, what’s the right way to handle this type of diagnosis? Well, there’s no right way to handle anything in life. We weren’t given an instruction manual when we were born. We learn how to adapt, change, and cope with any situation that we are involved in. Want to know the fun in that? We ultimately get the decision on how we handle each situation, we control our reactions. Remember, a reaction to an action can ultimately determine how you perceive the situation. Life is completely obnoxious in a sense, isn’t it?

Let’s rewind to 2.5 years ago when my cardiac journey began. Funny, but yet ironic how I originally found out. Getting prepped to have my tubes tied (babies are precious & cute, until they want to vomit and shit everywhere), I’m laying there and the surgeon requested a cardiologist. STAT. Much to my surprise and given I was uneducated in the medical world, I really didn’t question too much. My heart rate was steady at 31 beats per minute (normal range is 60-100 bpm) with constant Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC’s). Figured I’d talk properly so I can educate those that aren’t familiar in the cardiac world—trust me, I was one of those people as well. A cardiologist looked at me (with no testing), cleared me. He said I looked fit (because you know, my body size automatically means I’m healthy) & that PVC’s were of the norm. So, nothing to be alarmed about or so I had assumed.

After my procedure the same cardiologist came back to my room and requested for me to have a follow up visit with him. He started me on medication in hopes to suppress the PVC’s & ordered a Zoll Life Vest. It apparently saves your life, if you know, you happen to pass out..in laymen terms. Ok, cool take some medicine and wear this ungodly vest for a few weeks to play it safe. Now, the vest is hideous, sweaty, and bulky. Totally not a fan. It too, was obnoxious. A few months pass, a few more cardiologist cleared me stating my Ejection Fraction (EF) went from 35% to normal range of 55% (normal range is 55%-70%). So, now it’s time to move forward and party like a rockstar. Just kidding, well slightly 😉

Now, talk about a major misdiagnosis or wrong patients information being relayed. That cardiologist, mind you was my 5th cardiologist, had given me incorrect test results & I didn’t realize it until one day at work. I happened to be walking outside with an investor when all of a sudden something wasn’t right, my body got cold, heart started racing, & before I knew it my world went black….

Although some situations might be obnoxious, those same situations are thankfully what have led me to still being alive, 2.5 years longer than what could have.

3 thoughts on “The obnoxious heart 😈

  1. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe your strength, you are absolutely admirable to an infinite degree. Although it’s been difficult for you to share this journey with us, you find more strength to educate the awareness and that speaks heaps of how wholeheartedly beautiful your broken heart really is.

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    1. All journeys are difficult, I’m just learning day by day how to really feel, digest, ACCEPT, & continue to move forward. Knowledge is a powerful tool and hopefully this helps others who have been effected with any type of triumph.

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