The inevitable Change 🤩

Change. 6, 9, 12 months ago or even 1 or 2 years ago my response to change would’ve been, “If it’s not broken why fix it”. My god, thinking of those words now I think, “ how ridiculous was I” and “was I really that close minded”. There’s so much in our lives that aren’t considered “broken”, but yet we still change them so why do we give so much resistance when it comes to change. We’re so quick to look at change in such a damn negative manner, especially in regard to our careers, relationships, schooling, new experiences, basically any & everything that is out of our comfort zones. Yep, I sure as hell said it, our Comfort Zones. They’re whose really in charge when it comes to change. Always so quick to be complacent in our own comfort zones that we basically say to hell with anything that changes, especially when it’s out of our control.

Fuck, if I wasn’t so against change myself. If you took a few moments and read my prior post it ended with “difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations”. Well, that’s because change has become one of the greatest blessings in my life. When the doctor first said the words, “You need to take some time away from work” I was determined that I was going to convince him to let me return because I wasn’t ready for that type of change. Our careers are our livelihoods, not too mention it felt like everything I had work towards was taken from me, all because of the illness that I was still in denial with. You know how people want what others have type of thing. Everyone would comment on how they wish they could have an income and not work, but all I wanted to do was work. I mean, 30 years old and being told I need to fall back from work because of my heart…that’s hard to digest. 30, seriously, 30 years old and I was suppose to fall back, not just a little, but entirely fall back from work. I still had so much more I wanted to accomplish. I envied those who were still working because work was what I did to escape my illness and I wasn’t ready to accept it. Or so I had thought.

Change can ultimately be a blessing in disguise, we’re solely responsible for the way we view change. Looking back through many of the triumphs and changes in my life, I’m actually very thankful for them. Of course, not every change was glorious and not every change will be glorious, but many life lessons and blessings have come from change. Being away from work I’ve found myself again, I’ve found joy in things I lost interest in, I’ve been able to really see what’s beneficial for me and those close to me, spend unlimited quality time with my girls, learning what’s/whose going to continue to help me grow, and how to release the negative energy and embrace the positive that I’m surrounded by.

Change is inevitable, we live in a society that is consistently changing, people are constantly changing, everyday you experience change, it’s the mindset that you allow yourself to have that will let you grow from the changes you face. Change is beautiful, take a deep breath and embrace it. You never know, one change might be the best life changing experience for you. For each change you encounter going forward, challenge yourself to shift your mindset to find one positive. Might just surprise yourself and see that one positive thought can overpower several negatives, leading you to that beautiful destination that you never expected. Change is inevitable, just as this journey with my heart disease is 😉❤️

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